Product discovery is one of the more nebulous areas of Product Management. Most Product Managers know you are supposed to do “discovery” for a new product, but what that actually means can be a bit vague. It is just about getting some validation before you start building a new product?

How you get that feedback can also be a bit hazy. Can you just walk clients through a deck that explains the concept or do you need to build a working prototype? How much feedback is enough? What if you talk to one of your elephants and they say “I…

Product Management is a relatively new field so there can be ambiguity between the titles/roles and their associated responsibilities. For example, what does it really mean to be a Sr. Product Manager (PM) versus a Director of Product? Most Directors have direct reports, but is that the only real difference? If you are a PM looking to move up the career ladder, this confusion can have you scratching your head wondering what you need to know to advance your career.

In my experience, there seems to be limited guidance about what a PM needs to master in order to move…

If you are a Product Manager in a SAAS business, how often do you think about Churn? Is it something the Client Success/Account Management team deals with at your company, but is a couple of steps removed from your role? Every now and then do you get an urgent email from that team saying Big Deal client is about to leave if we don’t fix this bug or add feature XYZ? Do you think to yourself, that’s just the client making noise to get a better deal during the renewal process? …

Kamran Lotfi

SAAS Product Leader in the San Francisco Bay Area

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